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Knowledge - Expressing Understanding

Valuing Knowledge by Expressing Understanding

I want to share an inspiration I had about valuing knowledge.

How can we communicate a value of knowledge?

It is through the expression of understanding.

We communicate the value of knowledge through an expression of understanding.

What does this mean? It means that how one’s belief and perception combine with the use of knowledge to create an understanding is the value. Knowing is different because we don’t really know anything... understanding is the accurate way to express knowledge. It is about how one negotiates with the truth. It’s an understanding of the truth. It’s a personal perception and belief, a personal belief mediated by the perception and synthesized by the brain with the knowledge that it has access to, through experience and through memory and through teachings and through intuition in the moment, all put together to create an understanding. So, expressing understanding is a great way of valuing knowledge.

This is what I understand and believe to be important. This is my version of the truth. This is how to do something and get somewhere. This what I understand to be a good technique for succeeding. This is what and how I’ve learnt.

Expressing learning as an understanding. It’s very interesting.

I asked, how do you value knowledge? …and it just came:

“You value knowledge through expressing an understanding”.

And this is all, at its essence, communication…

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