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Welcome to ERA!


Eco-Response-Ability is an ecological ethic that is needed for humans to be individually and collectively expressing in order to address our environmental crisis and steer away from our own extinction. 


Ecological Irresponsibility is recklessly driving human society, thus the urgent need for

Ecological Responsibility: ER


Ecological irresponsibility is a key problem resultant from aggregate human behaviour in the 21st century and urgently needs to be addressed by humanity. Ecological Irresponsibility equals Errant Intelligence: it not only goes against the laws of Nature but threatens our very existence!  This is an emergency and society needs to quickly shift course away from short term profit motives, the fatal flaw of our economy that is driving us, while recklessly damaging our environment and the Earth's living systems.  We need to reverse this situation fast if we want to survive, thus we need to become Ecologically Responsible: ER. 


Need: Successful ways for ER to be expressed to best catalyze                     Environmental Social Change: ESC


We need to escape from the environmental quandary that defines our times, currently.  We need an ethical framework that is successful in applying Ecological Responsibility: ER.  In order to raise our heads from the quagmire that is engulfing us and be able to emerge from the swirling melee of intertwining vicious circles, spiralling out of control that prevent us from changing, we need a new guiding beacon to inspire faith, courage and hope. We need to address all our environmental problems head-on, free of denial, and believing that we can succeed in co-creating Environmental Social Change: ESC.


Solution: A mediating moral to guide and inform ESC is Eco-Response-Ability: ERA


ERA is both a moral compass and a navigational instrument for directing the process of Environmental Social Change: ESC, which is necessary in order to avert catastrophe.  We need to focus on the positive by showing the way and thus nurture hope in others. We need to be inspired, inspiring, cooperative, co-creative, intelligent and caring in our choices, while being informed and guided by sound principles.  ERA provides a paradigmatic shift to the way we think, a mediating moral for the way we need to act, and an applied process through which to engage. 


But how does ERA work? If you break down "responsibility", you get response-ability.  We all possess many abilities; each of us can nourish them, develop them, and discover new ones.  We can then realize our potential by focusing on how to best respond with our abilities to what is most vitally imperative. Each of us individually, and all of us collectively, ought to respond with our abilities to Ecology.  We can create changes in our own lives and band together to co-create greater changes that positively affect our whole culture, through all sectors of society.

This is a new site and shall be evolving to cover the Web of Issues that ERA touches upon and implies.  Please see the Eco-Essays posted on the ERA Blog link.  Some of the essays are published articles and archives on environmental thinking/analysis over the past two plus decades, while others are musings by ERA originator, Brian Sarwer-Foner, on a variety of foci of topics related to the vision and potential of ERA.


Please go to ERA Net  & Contact link to provide your input.  Thanks!

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